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SeZak on September's Ingegneria Alimentare

01 ott 2012

SeZak on September's Ingegneria Alimentare

 We had the honor to be mentioned on an article in the journal "Food Engineering" of September 2012.

Being burgers cooked with minced meat could possibly miss the most geared to ethnic cultures, primarily the food HALAL and KOSHER where meat plays a non-negligible value? It deals with these products now SeZak, active on the Italian market since 2012 with the distribution of Halal food, for retail with its own chain of stores and wholesale business, supplying national supermarkets chains and other retail outlets of small and medium sizes throughout Italy. For references proposed by the brands distributed by the company you can not talk about burgers strictly construed, but with minced meat and proposal form into patties and kebap: All products sold are certified and are manufactured in the production chain by observing the strict rules of Islamic religious . Sezak is a really innovative in terms of distribution services but also for the variety of assortment and understanding of eating habits and purchasing the national Islamic community whose demands are more and more increasing. Marketing studies and policy dedicated sales led the company to have a rich and ever-evolving catalog which includes other typical products belonging to the taste and culture of the Middle East.

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